Final Assessment

Your final grade will be based on

  1. Your presentation
  2. Your completed business plan

Your time slot for the presentation will be announced soon.

Your final business plan should be uploaded to slideshare, and the URL of your plan should be added to the comments below, along with your student number, name and department. Make sure that the slideshare URL can be accessed (open not private).

What should your presentation include 1 slide for each of the following points:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. introduce the business idea
  3. What research did you do?
  4. What is your marketing strategy?
  5. Who are your competitors?
  6. How will you get paid?
  7. How did you calculate price? What is your markup?
  8. Your sales forecast – as a graph
  9. Estimated cash flow for year 1
  10. Is there a back up plan?

Your business plan should include EVERYTHING in the template, plus the spreadsheets for the financial sections. Convert everything to pdf and upload pdf files. The URL of your material should be added to the comments line below.

If you do not add your business plan here, you cannot pass the course.




About Dr. Karen E. Howells

Dr. Eur Ing [European Engineer] Chartered Engineer Chartered Information Technology Practioner Member of British Computer Society BSc Applied Computing Grad Dip PGCHE MBA Technology Management DBA entrepreneurship
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25 Responses to Final Assessment

  1. tarek saadeddin says:

    My C.V and all the section Paper
    thank you doctor for the wonderful course we had a lot of fun.



    Business plan + Cv


  3. abba isa kachako says:



    Business Plan:

    Financial Plan:

    My Own C.V.
    you can check my linked Profile:

    For Presentation:
    I will publish it later 🙂

    Thank you…


  5. Remy Al Hafez says:

    My Business plan
    /Users/remyalhafez/Desktop/Remy Al Hafez Business plan.docx




    Remy Al Hafez
    Banking & Finance


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